Capacity planning

We want all our customers to be able to use our services optimal and uninterrupted. Because excessive and / or improper use use of an account may lead to overloading of parts of the platform and can cause nuisance to other users, all accounts are subject to a Fair Use Policy. The Fair Use Policy applies to customers who have taken a new subscription from January 1, 2014 or renew or modify their current subscription .

According to the guidelines of the Fair Use Policy, we may take measures when excessive and / or improper use has been detected. Our platform is configured to handle at least 3x 'normal' use with ease. It's no problem if your number of appointments suddenly grow in a month from 300 to 1000 appointments. But in case of over 5,000 appointments per month per location, we must take special steps to avoid problems. This is within our definition; not normal use. This situation does not apply to the largest part of our clients. Customers with excessive consumption provide a high capacity load on our platform. We want to prevent that other customers are inconvenienced by large users.


Fair Use Policy

This Fair Use Policy is designed to let the widest possible group of our customers enjoy and use the services of Libersy uninterrupted. In order to make this possible there are situations where intervention is necessary.

In this Fair Use Policy Libersy provides the guidelines by which they will take any necessary action. Libersy uses the rule: we will only take action if it is realy needed. This Fair Use Policy applies to created, extended or changed subscriptions entered into from January 1, 2014 .

Excessive and / or Improper Use and Nuisance

To avoid excessive and / or improper use of the services and inconvenience to other users Libersy has the right to take further measures such as ( i ) might be made retroactively from the date of notification to charge additional fee ( ii) Subscribe to (temporarily) change to less functionality , and ( iii ) any other lawful action.

With excessive and / or improper use and / or nuisance is meant for example, but not exclusively, when:

1 ) Excessive use repeatedly creates overload to the Libersy network and / or systems of Libersy and / or nuisance caused to other users.
2 ) You or another through your account uses software with the amount of use is manipulated.
If Libersy finds excessive and / or improper and / or nuisance by your account, Libersy will inform you and request to adjust. If an advance notice is not possible due to urgent requirement, Libersy will inform you as soon as possible. Libersy expects that after a warning you adjust usage of your service as requested .


The assessment of the need for intervention under the Fair Use Policy and the possible measures to be carried out lay exclusively by and at the discretion of Libersy. Libersy is not liable for damages in connection with the measures taken under the Fair Use Policy. These measures shall not affect the other rights Libersy has suffered to claim damage or prevent further damage.


Frequently asked questions

Can I just get an extra bill?

No, if we find problems , we always say that first . Beware if the problems could be that we are forced to make . Additional fees We will always in advance offer you the choice to accept the charges or to bring use back to normal.

What are some examples?

A good example is a misspelled automated script which events in the system and put that instead of 50 appointments per day , unintentionally 500 appointments per day put into the system , and also trying to do within 1 minute.

Another example is a company with 10 locations that the agenda of all locations in an account has merged instead of one account per site to be making more than 5,000 appointments per month are made . Account in that one off For each location , you need to take off. Separate account

What if I do more than 5,000 appointments per month per location processable?

We can always look at each case what the consequences are and whether there is a solution . We may have additional capacity available for an additional fee .

Can my account just be disabled by you?

No, we will always contact you . If the load on our platform so high that immediate action is necessary, it may be that we block IP addresses. Your account remains active, but is not accessible from any computer on the Internet.