Easy migration service

Continue to use your existing domain name

We will do the work for you,

untill May 1st for free!

Transitioning was never so easy. We provide the link between your domain name to your new website.

  1. you can continue to use your existing domain name
  2. you do not have to move your existing domain
  3. Also your email will remain the same
  4. We will contact your hosting provider to point your domain to your new website. You just have to give permission.

Prefer to do it yourself?

  1. Log into the DNS control panel where you bought
  2. your domain
  3. Remove any existing A record(s)
  4. Add a new A record, cast on the host "@" and refer to:
  5. Create a new CNAME record. Set the host to 'www' and make sure that the record points to bksites.net
  6. Make a web forwarding record (also known as '301 'or' URL redirect ") so that your non-www domain forwarded to your" http://www. "site. Eg. http://example.com to http://www.example.com.
  7. Be patient: DNS changes may take from 2 minutes to 2 hours or more
  8. .

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